Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is my favorite holiday of ALL by FARRRR!!! I love how everyone gets together to give each other stuff.. whether it be a toy or an extremely meaningful letter! Today I bought my final gifts for everyone.. I think they will really enjoy them! Since I spent all day doing that I decided to do some dream shopping for myself! I LOVE kawaii stuff.. so I have been looking at and a ton of other kawaii stores. The cool thing about kawaii is that most of it is small and cheap! I love the cute stickers and stationary.. I plan on purchasing some for using with my atc cards when I send them out. OH and for all you ladies... If you are not sure of what to get your man.. I recommend!! They have these awesome little rc helicopters.. I got one for my husband and he about fainted. I like the coco lama. I recommend one of the $30 ones not the $180 ones! They are way to complicated for any first time flyer!


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ismoyo said...

Hope you had a great Christmas maybe even with some cute gifts in your stocking!
Love your blog. It's cute. So how can't i love it? ;)