Thursday, August 23, 2007

I signed up for PPP!

Hi everyone!!! I recently signed up for a great service called PayPerPost! I think it is an excellent opportunity to earn money with your blog! I know most places that say you can earn money with your blog are usually not legit but this is actually the real thing!

I signed up because I happened to stop by a fellow illustrators blog who had signed up for it as well. I thought.. what the heck.. I might as well.. it wont hurt anything anways! And WOW I am glad I did! This is how it works... Sign in to your PayPerPost account and you will be shown a list of subjects you can blog about.. and get PAID for!! Its really great! I thought you should all know about it! Cant wait to go buy some new clothes with the money I earn!! SHOPPING HERE I COME!

Stay Tuned to see how my blogging adventure turns out!

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