Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Denton Lund Original Painting

This is an original Denton Lund Painting. He is a world wide known artist, and from what I hear, this painting is worth a ton. Due to me being an extremely desperately poor college kid I am selling it! Me and my husband are building a home and need the money very badly!
The painting was given to me by my mother. It is very beautiful and in good shape as you can see in the pictures.
I talked to Denton Lund's wife through email and she has told me he previously signed his paintings RL Denton. Get in touch with her through his website: http://www.dentonlund.com/ and email them if you would like to confirm and hear it from the source that this is very much an original Authentic painting.

I was going to sell it on ebay but did not know it would cost me $50 just to list it!!! Me being poor cannot afford to do so. So I am forced to try and sell it through my blog.

My mother has another one by him of a little indian girl. If you would also be interested in it let me know and I will ask her if she would be willing to sell.

leave a comment or contact me at darndogdesign@gmail.com if you are interested. I am selling it at $5,000 My father bought it for $10,000 a long time ago and I have heard it is worth more now since he is a world wide known artist. This would be a VERY good investment for you!

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Kei Phillips said...

Hi there! thanks for stopping by my blog, ur work is really cool, i shall link you back! :D