Friday, March 23, 2007

Bearuh's Allergies from HELL!

SORRY EVERYONE!! But no more posts for a little bit.. I am having allergies from hell.. seriously! It seems that alot of people are from what my dad says. I cannot breathe out of my nose at ALL... not one bit... its completely and totally miserable! Try holding your nose for a month straight and you might know how I feel. I cant even swallow because every time I do I get this weird suction cup effect through my whole head and it pops my ears. I really sincerely apologize to all of you waiting for more of my work!


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

So sorry that you are feeling so wretched. WAHN! I hope you get straightened out soon.

I've had a lifelong struggle with allergies, sometimes just as you describe.

I discovered that if I stop drininking milk, most of my symptoms went away. That worked for a long time, but then I had to give up soy, too. If I avoid dairy and soy, I am much better, but not perfect.

It seems weird that dairy would make me sneeze and be all stuffed up, but it does--it sensitized my muscous mebranes to dust, dust mites, smoke, pollen etc.

Hope you get straightened around!!!!

Mac McRae said...

Spring would be so cool if it weren't for all of the plant fuzzies. After the depression of winter - spring could be so awesome. But it has to bring with it allergies and thunderstorms.
Mary is right about milk. It turns out people aren't built to process cow milk. I know it gives me allergies and idigestion.

Yep art people are the types that don't party well. :) It is like we go into the solitary work of making pictures because we don't fit into regular jobs.