Friday, May 05, 2006

Fat Cat

Taittems wanted a fat cat so here it is!


HARDWAX said...

This is a sweet piece, LOL funny the skeletons of fish for too many snacks for kitty.

Jessica Wong said...

I cannot stand cats! But your style is clean and cheerful. Good work! Thanks for commenting on my ilustration. Anyways, in answering to your question, some of the design on Tutu's clothes are done from sratch from Illustrator, whereas the more complicated ones were done using collage method in Photoshop. Hope to see more of your work too!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! THANKS, Bearuh! I LOVE IT!! Love thse little fish skeletons! WOO HOO! Cute doggie too!!!! YAY! Thanks. Mary :-)

PS, feel free to call me MARY if you remember. Taittems is Ok too, but it is based on the new last name I will have when I get married (I will be Mary Taitt). I used it because there are a bejillion Marys and take-offs on Marys but not many Taitts.

(But it's OK to call me Taittems too!!)

Actually, if you call me taittems, I suppose peple who know me as blogger will know who you mean because there are a bejillion Marys mary WHO?)

OK ignore everyting I just said!

And thanks for the cool FAT CAT!! YAY!

Steam said...

Cute, yes cute! Good job.

carla said...

Wow! That's one fat cat! The little dog seems to be wondering if it's the dessert:>

Andrea said...

Fat cats are adorable. I have two. Bravo!