Saturday, April 22, 2006

mauii adventures

Mauii is officially the smartest cat in the WORLD!!!!! atleast that is what I say...
well.. I HATE cockroaches with a passion and she saw one the same time I did so I freaked out
She could actually tell I freaked cause she tried sooo sooo hard to get it and when she finally did she picked it up in her mouth then took it over to a place on the floor where it could not get under anything then looked at me.... I pet her alot and told her she was the best cat ever.. then after that I got on my computer and now she is freaking out trying to find another one to impress me with.. she is meowing those weird sad meows cats make sometimes and looking under like every piece of furniture in the house! I tried to pet her but she kind of acted all sad and ran off like she thought I was dissapointed in her for not finding another... totally weird...

I picked her up and put her in my lap but after I stopped petting her she got back down and started searching and meowing weird again..
animals rock

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